The Big Two: winemakers squeezed from both sides by Coles and Woolworths

When dealing with the Liquorlands and Dan Murphys of this world, winemakers can be stuck between a rock and a hard place. The big retailers Coles and Woolworths maintain a strict pricing regime that squeezes suppliers from multiple angles. Zacharias Szumer investigates the liquor oligopoly. Heading into the Easter long weekend, alcohol retail giant Dan Murphy’s has been reminding Australians of its “unbeatable offers”. “Found it cheaper? We’ll beat it,” reads one of the ads in the company’s trademark white and green colours. However, industry sources say that suppliers effectively bear the cost of such lowest-price guarantees, which are forcing competitors to

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Big Sugar, Big Pharma: Sydney University compromised by academic research breach

9 min        Listen to this story9 min    Sydney University has stonewalled claims of failing to police serious conflicts of interest in its academic research which may have benefited Big Sugar and Big Pharma companies such as Novo Nordisk. Who knew what and when, asks Andrew Gardiner. The veil of secrecy around Jennie Brand-Miller – star nutrition academic and for years the face of low glycemic index (‘low GI’) diets – has been lifted, and it’s far from flattering. After months of obstruction, MWM can now confirm that ‘GI Jennie,’ as she’s affectionately known, has been married to John Miller (for decades until

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