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Thursday, March 25, 2021
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    Yungaburra Triathlon

    From circus tents to pop-up shops and concerts, Council is seeking community opinion on the kinds of events and activities that may be suitable for the Cairns Esplanade. Mayor Bob

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    Atherton Library Celebrates 70 Years

    Tableland Regional Council’s (TRC’s) Atherton Library is celebrating 70 years of sharing books, programs and other resources with the Tablelands community. ‘Before Atherton had a

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    In a hidden forested grove close to Cairns city is a Pony Club, it is a secretive place where time stands still and horses graze contented on the 25 acres of lush pastures and bush tracks. The Pony Club has been running for about 70 years, not that any one seems to remember exactly how and when it all started and there have been some big memories made in this hidden vale. The time has come to let Cairns residents know that this Pony Club is ready to grow and your children and even yourself if you wish to become an active rider are welcome to join and experience the joys of owning a horse and riding regularly without breaking your budget (too much). Email us now at secretary@earlvilleponyclub.com to find out more about this hidden Pony Club and how to get involved and maybe even join up with your children for the rides of your life.