Every phone is a bottle shop in alcohol’s Netflix era

Australia’s major alcohol retailers are increasingly moving into the digital space, aiming to emulate the methods and the successes of popular streaming services. But what are the risks? Zacharias Szumer investigates. As advocacy groups have long warned, we have well and truly entered the age in which ‘every phone is a bottle shop’. Many of the largest Australian liquor retailers – including Dan Murphy’s, BWS, Liquorland and Cellarbrations – all have apps through which purchases can be made. Some stores require you to visit a website to order booze for delivery or in-store pick-up, but it’s still a relatively frictionless transaction. What’s more, Australian

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Secret Treasury advice. Neither frank nor fearless but dishonest and fearful

Senior officials regularly give advice to Ministers and are paid very well to do so. But how frank and fearless is that advice when kept secret from the people it ultimately affects? Rex Patrick reports on cowardice within the public service executive ranks. I remember my days as a young, adventurous, technically competent and sea-proven sailor travelling beneath the waves in an Oberon-class submarine. But looking back, I also remember how naïve I was to politics. If the defence minister said something, it was taken seriously and treated with respect – the demigod had decreed. It wasn’t until decades later, when I

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