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Bursary For Agri-Industry Students

Bursary For Agri-Industry Students
Image by Pexels from Pixabay
Tablelands Regional Council

The Nellie Willetts Educational Bursary is open for first year students studying agri-industry at a tertiary institution.

‘This bursary was established in 1994 by Eric Gordon Willetts and this year we are offering $2000 to Tablelands students studying any sector of agri-industry,’ said Deputy Mayor Kevin Cardew.

‘Agri-industry is the production, processing and marketing of agricultural products and services including horticulture, agriculture and plant breeding.

‘To be eligible, applicants’ principal place of residence must be in the Tablelands Regional Council area, and they must have been successful in their first semester of study.

Nominate online before 4.30pm Friday 14 August 2020,’ said Deputy Mayor Cardew.


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