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Clean Jobs Roundtable for Cairns green economy

Clean Jobs Roundtable for Cairns green economy

A Clean Jobs Roadshow & Roundtable has brought together more than 60 key people from the Far North’s renewable energy and sustainable industry sectors, along with investors, to support progress towards the Cairns vision of becoming Australia’s Smart Green Capital. 

Cairns Regional Council co-hosted the event with the Climate Council to pool ideas, expertise and knowledge to grow and diversify clean economic opportunities for the region. 

The event, held on Monday 30 November, was also supported by Terrain Natural Resources Management, Cairns and Far North Environment Centre (CAFNEC) and The Next Economy. 

Cairns Mayor Bob Manning said a move towards growing clean jobs had been widely backed by the Cairns community to manage both climate change and the economic fallout of COVID-19.  

“Industry diversification is important in Cairns and focusing on clean jobs simply makes sense,’” said Cr Manning

“Our recent Our Cairns residents’ survey showed almost half of the respondents believed we should focus on renewable energy and sustainable industries, including waste recycling and reprocessing, to diversify the economy,” said Cr Manning.

“Investing in clean jobs, for example, renewable energy or sustainable transport, can create lasting benefits for us all like cheaper electricity, more comfortable housing and development of growth industries.”

More than 60 innovative representatives of business and community participated in the roundtable to explore ecosystem restoration, renewable energy, organic waste management, tropical expertise in research and innovation, and clean transport options.

Climate Council’s Head of Research Dr Martin Rice said that, with a focus on practical actions to create local jobs, Cairns could reach beyond bold ideas to identify genuine pathways to generate new opportunities and build clean jobs in the region.

“The Climate Council’s Clean Jobs Plan outlines 12 key policy areas to generate new employment and stimulate economic growth in regional areas.”

“As a member of the Cities Power Partnership, Cairns Regional Council has led the way in exploring climate solutions at a local level. The Clean Jobs Roundtable is an exciting opportunity to expand this work and elevate a renewables-led economic recovery for the region.” 


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