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Dog Attacks Skyrocket

Dog Attacks Skyrocket

Tablelands Regional Council is urging pet owners to be responsible following a sudden increase in dog attacks in the region.

‘We have had 35 reports of dog attacks and threatening behaviour in May, well up on seven from the previous month,’ said Deputy Mayor Kevin Cardew.

‘In one incident a dog was attacked and killed in its yard, and in another a one-year-old child in her yard was rushed by an aggressive dog and had to be rescued by a parent.

‘Four children walking to school were saved by a passing driver after they were rushed by two aggressive dogs.

‘Every time there is an attack we are made to feel unsafe in our community and this is not acceptable.

‘We will fully investigate each of the cases and, where appropriate, fines will be issued and dogs may be euthanised.

‘It’s the owner’s responsibility to ensure their dogs do not wander, cause fear or attack a person or animal.

‘They must be kept in an enclosure that prevents them from escaping — so it must be high enough, not able to be dug under or pushed over, and made of a material that the animal cannot push any part of its body through.

‘If pet owners are responsible we can all live in harmony without threat of attack, and I don’t think this is too much to ask or expect,’ Deputy Mayor Cardew said.


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