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Majestic Millaa Millaa

Majestic Millaa Millaa
Photo: Michael List

Sunset from 120m above Millaa Millaa Lookout.

The Eacham Times would like to extend a very warm welcome to Mike List and would like to thank him for his fantastic Camera Drone footage of the Atherton Tablelands!

Mike will be a regular contributor to the Eacham Times so be sure to ‘keep an eye out’ for the amazing new perspectives of the Atherton Tablelands which he will be giving us.

Mike is a camera drone operator.

He flies his drone mostly at 120m above the ground which is the legal height limit.

“I only hover to take landscape or sunset pictures and videos, my drone is one of the quietest drones on the market,” Mr List said.

“I usually fly over or near points of interest, not houses (with very few exceptions, but again, the drone will be 120m up and hardly audible and when/if I do that, it will be above my home or someone who has given me permission to fly above their home, to capture a sunset from up high, or to demonstrate the drone’s features.”

“Pictures like this is why I fly a Camera Drone!”


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