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Portégé® X30-E Series

Elite Performance. Ultralight Portability.
The Portégé X30-E delivers the style, speed, battery life and durability to help mobile users make a great first impression.
The Portégé X30-E combines a modern design with leading-edge technologies to create a no comprise ultramobile computing solution with manageability, security and connectivity capabilities. To match its computing power, the Portégé X30-E is wrapped in an impeccably crafted magnesium alloy Tough Body casing for superior protection and is designed and engineered, manufactured and tested by Toshiba for quality and reliability that’s simply found nowhere else.
Powered by a quad-core 8th Generation Intel® Core™ processors and Windows 10 Pro, this ultraportable notebook is up to any challenge.

Product Features

Designed, Manufactured and Engineered by Toshiba


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