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Vehicle Immobiliser subsidy trial – the road ahead

Vehicle Immobiliser subsidy trial – the road ahead
  • Police to begin industry consultation in Cairns next week in lead up to rollout of remote engine immobiliser trial which is on track for commencement in mid-2023 as previously announced
  • Police consultation with industry representatives to follow in Townsville and Mount Isa
  • Cairns, Townsville and Mount Isa residents will be eligible for the trial

Police will begin critical industry consultation work with suppliers and installers of remote engine immobilisers next week.

The first industry consultations will take place in Cairns next Friday May 12.

Further industry consultation will take place in Mount Isa on May 18 and Townsville May 19, in the lead up to the rollout of the trial mid-year.

Industry representatives interested in attending the industry engagement sessions can express their interest via the below email address:


Remote engine immobiliser suppliers are also invited to submit details of any immobilisers for consideration and that consideration will include road safety features.

The Queensland Police Union and its President Ian Leavers have been big supporters of this trial and are to be commended for their advocacy.

The trial will be available to eligible residents of Mount Isa, Cairns and Townsville.

The trial  will offer up to 20,000 subsidy vouchers to residents to offset the cost for installing the approved device. 

The voucher amount will be finalised following the industry consultation.

And details provided about how eligible residents can obtain a voucher will be provided at the same time

Individuals will be able to choose the type of approved immobiliser that best suits their needs and budget.

While it is expected that the trial will encourage more Queenslanders to install these devices, it is important to note that these devices are currently available for installation and vehicles owners in any part of Queensland, who are in the position to do so, do not need to wait for the trial.  

Quotes attributable to Police Minister Mark Ryan:

“Vehicle immobilisers will provide a very worthwhile extra layer of security for a person’s vehicle.

“For many people one of the most significant investments they make in their lives is the purchase of a motor vehicle, and it is an investment worth protecting.

“I urge people living in Cairns, Townsville and Mount Isa to consider taking advantage of this trial when it begins.” 

Quotes attributable to Cairns MP Michael Healy:

“This is a very worthwhile initiative as remote engine immobilisers can provide a much higher level of security for vehicle owners.

“I always have and will continue to advocate strongly for measures that assist community safety in my local area.”

Quotes attributable to Mulgrave MP Curtis Pitt:

“Technology like this can make a real difference to the safety and security of the community.

“I urge residents in Cairns to give serious consideration to participating in this trial.”

 Quotes attributable to Member for Cook Cynthia Lui:

This is another innovative way that we can use technology to keep our property secure.

“Stolen vehicles become extremely dangerous when they are driven recklessly and anything we can do to prevent that is welcome.”

Quotes attributable to Member for Barron River Craig Crawford:

“This initiative supplements the strong laws and early intervention programs the government has introduced to support community safety.

“We can’t do just one thing to curb youth crime, we have to do everything, and this is another example of the government’s comprehensive approach to community safety.”

Quotes attributable to Acting Deputy Commissioner Mark Wheeler:

“The QPS is pleased to promote this new initiative encouraging people to use to technology to help secure their vehicles.

“We know immobilisers significantly strengthen the security of a person’s vehicle and in time, we hope their increased use will also deter would-be thieves all-together.

“Police will be actively promoting this trial in North and Far North Queensland to ensure residents are taking advantage of this opportunity.”

Quotes attributable to Police Union President Ian Leavers:

“The QPU first took the prospect of immobilizers to the Premier and Police Minister Ryan as an effective device with the potential to significantly reduce vehicle theft and to the Government’s credit they assisted in putting this on the agenda for all States to follow the lead of Queensland.

“The opportunity to prevent vehicles being stolen in the first place is a positive.

“We also do not want to see stolen vehicles used as weapons against frontline police, community members and any harm for those using stolen vehicles recklessly.

“The QPU would encourage community members to take advantage of this trial because if it proves effective it could become a potent tool in reducing a crime that has a devastating impact on vehicle owners.”

Key Dates

Police to begin industry consultation next week in Cairns, May 12   

Further consultation to take place in Mount Isa, May 18 and Townsville, May 19

Minister for Police and Corrective Services and Minister for Fire and Emergency Services

The Honourable Mark Ryan


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