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Level 1 Water Restrictions Implemented

Level 1 Water Restrictions Implemented

Cairns Regional Council is calling on residents to reduce water use, with Level 1 water restrictions in force from tomorrow (17 November).

The result of ongoing dry weather, the mandatory Level 1 restrictions apply to households and businesses for the whole of the Cairns Regional Council area.

Level 1 water restrictions have been imposed, with Copperlode Falls Dam having dropped below the 80 per cent mark – a trigger for Level 1 restrictions.

The main consideration of Level 1 restrictions is shorter hours for automated watering, such as sprinklers.

Residents will only be able to use automated watering between 6am and 8am, and 6pm and 8pm on the following days:

  • Odd-numbered houses – Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  • Even-numbered houses – Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

No automated watering on Mondays


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