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Working Across The Region

Working Across The Region

Tablelands Regional Council has hit the ground running after its budget was adopted earlier this year.

‘We have a $30M capital works program to deliver on top of our nearly $60.4M operational program of works,’ said Mayor Rod Marti.

‘There’s major road, water and facilities work ahead of us and we’re already hard at work at meeting our goals for these projects.

‘Across the region $6.6M is being spent on upgrading roads, $2.6M on gravel resheeting (57km+), $1.8M on bitumen resealing (43.5km+), $365,000 on drains and $750,000 on other road renewals.

‘Some of the key road projects include

  • improving sections of Lakes Drive and Theresa Creek Road ($250,000)
  • upgrades to sections of Rifle Range Road, Deep Creek Road, unsealed roads in Walkamin, Powley Road and Eastern Connection Road ($1.79M)*
  • widen and seal 4.5km of Theresa Creek Road ($1.55M)**, 3km of Curtain Fig Tree Road ($1.19M)**, 1km of East Barron Road ($500,000)**, 1.4km of Glendinning Road ($500,000)** and Grove Street from the bridge toward Danzer Drive ($350,000)**
  • replace culvert on Yourka Glen Gordon Road ($120,000), causeway on Morganbury Road ($100,000), and culverts and causeway on Silver Valley Road ($300,000)**
  • asphalt overlay of 3.4km of road in Lake Eacham, Malanda and Millaa Millaa ($500,000)
  • replace or reline culverts across the region ($100,000)
  • replace kerbs across the region ($100,000).

‘We’ve already completed $70,000 worth of drainage work on Nadia Close, Tolga and replaced the gully on Weaver Street, Atherton with new pipes ($50,000).

‘Bridge-wise we have commenced work on the $1.4M replacement and upgrade of Blencoe Creek bridge on Cashmere-Kirrama Road*****.

‘Our budget has also committed $560,000 for new and replacement footpaths across the region including Sixth Avenue**, Loder Street and First Avenue** in Atherton.

‘We haven’t forgotten about our parks — Marj Hamilton Park, Atherton and the Walkamin Park are getting new playgrounds ($120,000 each)***, Millaa Millaa Park will receive a new path to the barbecue and a steel structure over the playground ($100,000)*** and we’ll finalise the road and carpark near the new toilets in Ravenshoe ($100,000).

‘Kairi Park*** and Mount Garnet Anniversary Park are getting new toilets ($120,000 each) and we’ll spend $80,000 developing a concept plan for toilets at Millaa Millaa Falls.

‘At Rocky Creek War Memorial Park we’re creating a new memorial space for commemorative events like VP Day, replacing plaques, installing new signs and we’ve already completed the new formal entrance ($110,000).****

‘Stage 1 of a new pump track will be built in Malanda at Jack May Park ($100,000) with more planned for next financial year.

‘At the Atherton Swimming Pool we’re spending $450,000 on a new structure over the 25m pool*** and $60,000 on the filtration system.

‘We’ll be improving the entrances to our region with four new entry signs ($119,000)*** and $450,000 will be put towards a new animal management facility*** to better meet the needs of the community’s pet owners, companion animals and our staff.

‘Community facilities will receive $162,500-worth of work, including much-needed electrical upgrades.

‘We’re investing significant funds in the water space this year including $150,000 to increase the size of the water main at Millstream North and move it underground to reduce the possibility of damage during flooding, and $610,000 to upgrade the water main from Mazlin Street to Wooroora Road so it can be eventually connected to the new reservoir***.

‘In Atherton we’re spending $400,000 upgrading the capacity of the pipe network on Atherton-Herberton Road***, Mount Garnet will see $60,000-worth of improvements to the power and remote monitoring system of their water treatment plant, and Yungaburra reservoir will have improvements made to the pipework ($50,000).

‘The floating roof on the reservoir at Tinaroo will be replaced with a $215,000 fixed structure that will reduce maintenance and improve quality, and $260,000 will be spent on the internal seals at the Twelfth Avenue reservoir in Atherton, which will prevent leaks and protect water quality.

‘$300,000 has been allocated for a new pipeline and main to allow for further development on Tate Road, Tolga, and we’ll be installing $75,000 worth of piezometers on the Wild River Dam wall to monitor water pressure and meet our regulatory requirements.

‘$60,000 has been allocated to complete the installation of a new switchboard at the Millaa Millaa water intake and we’ll spend $285,000 across the region replacing water mains and service lines and installing meters.

‘The budget allocation for ongoing water improvements reflects our commitment to identifying and implementing long term water solutions for the region.

‘At our transfer stations we’ve committed $100,000 to ensure separation of clean and contaminated stormwater.

‘We’re spending $50,000 to maintain and improve our sewerage treatment plants and $570,000 to complete sewer relining in Ravenshoe, and conduct sewer condition assessment and relining in Atherton.

‘All this spending is on the back of our operating expenditure, which supports daily operations including running libraries and transfer stations, maintaining parks and gardens, facilitating community events, providing and maintain facilities and delivering essential services to homes and business.

‘$9.1M has been allocated to providing potable water to around 9000 properties and $5.3M on removing and treating wastewater from 5500 properties.

‘Our 10,900 wheelie bins will be collected and our region’s waste managed under an $8M allocation and $5.9M will look after the potholes, grading, slashing and other repairs of our roads.

‘Mowing, repairs, gardens, maintenance of the Atherton Rail Trail, cleaning of barbecues and playground inspection and repair costs us $4M/year and $4.1M has been allocated to maintaining and providing access to our community buildings including showgrounds, halls and public toilets.

‘While these budget allocations have been finalised, we have also applied for additional grants, the results of which are pending.

‘We’ve applied to upgrade the Albrecht Street and Barson Road intersections on Beantree Road to improve heavy vehicle movement, the bridges on Mary Street and Merragallen Road, and to develop a shared path on Grove Street from the bridge to Tolga Road.

‘Hopefully we’ll also secure a grant for a stormwater drainage strategy for Tolga, Rangeview and Tandara so we can identify the remediation work we need to consider in future budgets.

‘It certainly is a massive undertaking but, with a few projects already completed and many underway, I have full confidence in the TRC workforce in achieving the deliverables.

‘I am looking forward to watching the project progress over the year, and seeing the community benefit from our work,’ said Mayor Marti.

*        The Australian Government contributed to this project via their Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Fund and Roads to Recovery Program.

**       Proudly funded by the Queensland Government through the Transport Infrastructure Development

Scheme (TIDS), and TRC.

***      This project is an initiative of the Queensland Government.

****    This project received $14,000 from the Australian Government’s Saluting Their Service Commemorative Grants Program

*****   This project is jointly funded by the Australian Government, Queensland Government through the TIDS and TRC.


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