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Works for Tradies Boost Queensland Construction Jobs

Works for Tradies Boost Queensland Construction Jobs

The Palaszczuk Government’s $100 million Works for Tradies stimulus kicks into gear, creating jobs for local tradies and homes for vulnerable Queenslanders, at social housing construction sites across the state.  

Minister for Communities and Housing Leeanne Enoch said the state’s positive health response means the Palaszczuk Government is delivering on Queensland’s plan for economic recovery by accelerating social housing construction, generating over 240 jobs and building 215 homes by the end of 2021.

“This Works for Tradies funding is in addition to the $1.6 billion Housing Construction Jobs Program scheduled to build over 5,500 social and affordable homes over 10 years,” Minister Enoch said.  

“This will support 600 full time building and construction industry jobs each year for Queensland Tradies. 

“As part of the Works for Tradies program, new construction is commencing in the weeks ahead at Waterford West, Morayfield and Frenchville in Rockhampton.”

“Heavy machinery and construction workers will be starting on site with plans finalised for these exciting new projects.”

The Palaszczuk Government is investing more than $510,000 for two Waterford West houses, $2.9 million on nine x 1-bedroom and two x 2-bedroom apartments in Morayfield and $2.17 million for five x 1-bedroom and two x 2-bedroom apartments in Frenchville.

“Almost 20 Full Time Equivalent jobs will be created at these locations providing a boost to the local construction industry and support for many more jobs through the building supply chain,” Ms Enoch said.

“The new homes will provide safe, secure and affordable housing for Queenslanders in need.” 

Ingenious Homes Director Heath Burns said the construction industry had been critical to the functioning of the economy during the COVID-19 crisis, pushed along by the government stimulus programs, the First Home Buyer’s grant scheme and the downturn in interest rates.

“When the crisis struck, we saw many developers hit the stop button, however programs like the Works for Tradies enabled them to continue to operate and has kept the wheels turning,” Mr Burns said.

“Ingenious Homes has 15 permanent staff and uses subcontractors extensively – we have around 10 chippie crews each of three to five tradespeople and apprentices, as well as electricians, plumbers and all the other trades.

“The flow-on effect of the construction sector has also kept dozens of other industries alive.”

“We have been extremely fortunate to remain open and keep all our crews working throughout the crisis.”  

Hutchinson Builders Project Manager Dan McKenna said the Frenchville build was a $2.17 million project.

“Over 90% of this value will be directly spent in the local community with only a small portion being spent elsewhere due to specialty supply items,” he said.

“It is being run from Hutchies local office of 11 years which has 14 permanent local employees, four being directly involved in this project.

“Up to 15 local trades will be involved in the construction, with a build time of about six months.”

Chapcon Building Services Project Manager Brad Dearlove said winning the contract to build the apartments in Morayfield had been a great boost for local jobs.

“It has enabled us to employ more people, including a project manager and site manager for that job,” he said.

“But it’s not just benefits for the qualified tradies – this contract means we have been able to maintain constant work for our contracts administrator and our apprentice carpenter”

“This also boosts work for the sub-contractors we will engage, which includes subcontractors that are based in the Sunshine Coast region.

For more information on Works for Tradies, visit https://www.hpw.qld.gov.au/about/initiatives/housing-construction-works-for-tradies


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