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Council Meeting: Sale of Land

Council Meeting: Sale of Land

At today’s Tablelands Regional Council (TRC) ordinary meeting Councillors agreed to the sale of 22 freehold properties in Innot Hot Springs, Herberton, Millaa Millaa and Ravenshoe.

The move to sell these properties comes on the back of four properties — in Ravenshoe, Atherton and Malanda — being approved for sale at the September Council meeting.

‘TRC has had these parcels of land for decades and they’re really surplus to our needs,’ said Mayor Rod Marti.

‘Some of the parcels are costing us money to maintain and by selling them we are giving the community the chance to realise the land’s potential.

‘The land will be made available for sale by auction over the coming weeks.

‘If the properties pass in at auction, the land will be listed for sale on the open market.

‘A local real estate agent will be contracted to coordinate the auction and sales.

‘The sale of these parcels is important in improving the financial health of TRC and one of several steps we are taking to reduce the drain of idle assets,’ said Mayor Marti.


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