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Exhibit In Your Local Gallery

Exhibit In Your Local Gallery

Artist Alison Faigniez

Tablelands Regional Council is inviting expressions of interest (EOIs) for 2024 exhibitions in their three galleries.

‘Groups and individuals can apply to exhibit in the Tableland Regional Gallery, Old Post Office Gallery and Foyer Gallery,’ said Councillor Peter Hodge.

‘We’re keen to see EOIs from new individuals and groups, and we encourage local artists and those from outside our region to apply,’ Councillor Hodge said.

Artist Alison Faigniez says sharing her work with other artists and the community is the best motivator to keep creating.

‘Exhibiting is a great way to bring your work out of the studio as it looks so different from being stacked against the wall.

‘When I see my work hanging in the gallery it makes me think, ‘Wow, did I really do all this?’, and selling a piece is the best feeling.

‘There’s a lot of preparatory work involved but it’s so worth it and I got lots of support and encouragement from the gallery staff.

‘I’ve learnt a lot about presentation and what affects and intrigues gallery visitors — I love talking with them about my inspiration and techniques,’ Alison said.

Toni Rogers has exhibited in the Tableland Regional Gallery (TRG) and believes artists not only have to create art, they have to find creative ways to display, share and sell their work.

‘My experience in having exhibited at TRG over the years, is that the gallery’s participation in arts and culture and the provision of a remarkable venue, has made many local artists ‘bigger’, more open, less fearful and more connected to one another by being able to display and share their artworks of various mediums, of cultural diversity and regional significance,’ Toni said.

EOIs must be received by Sunday 30 April and exhibition, gallery and application information is available at trc.qld.gov.au/galleries.


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