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Speed cameras switched on in Qld school zones

Speed cameras switched on in Qld school zones

New speed cameras fixed inside flashing school zone signs will be switched on for the first time on Monday, January 23 across Queensland.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said the purpose-built cameras were part of a world-first pilot designed to protect students during their daily travels.

“I’m pleased to announce that new cameras will target speeding drivers in school zones to keep Queensland kids, parents and teachers safe,” Mr Bailey said.

“Children can be unpredictable and are especially vulnerable to vehicles travelling at speed.

“I don’t want to see someone’s child badly injured or killed on their way to school just because of the recklessness of a speeding driver.

“These cameras will pop up in high-risk locations from Monday, targeting reckless drivers who speed through school zones.

“It’s vital we do everything we can to keep the vulnerable in our community safe on our roads and these cameras will help to achieve that.

“With students heading back to school, we’re putting this new enforcement technology into action to encourage safer driving in school zones.”

Education Minister Grace Grace said the cameras would be rotated across prioritised high-risk school zones state-wide during the pilot program.

“Unfortunately, drivers still aren’t getting the message, with speeding continuing to be a major contributor to serious crashes on Queensland roads,” Ms Grace said.

“Sticking to the speed limit gives you a better chance of stopping in time if needed and can mean the difference between life and death or serious injury to a pedestrian, especially a school aged child.

“We all have a responsibility to drive safely and slow down when children are around.”

The new speed cameras will be operational during school zone hours. Motorists caught exceeding the speed limit will be fined and accrue demerit points.

Mr Bailey said the innovative RBMS would also monitor school crossing movements.

“We know there have been many instances of vehicles not stopping for school crossings, despite the crossing supervisors and students accessing the road at the time,” he said.

“When activated by the presence of a school crossing supervisor, the RBMS can monitor and record any near-hits or traffic and road safety incidents.

“This allows us to collect and analyse incident details to help inform future road safety improvements.”

RACQ General Manager of Advocacy Joshua Cooney said the Club was concerned too many motorists still did not take school zone speed limits seriously.

“Our latest Road Safety Survey showed that despite almost 90% of Queenslanders driving their kids to school, half admitted to speeding in a school zone. It’s simply not good enough,” Mr Cooney said.

“School zone speed limits are not optional; they need to be enforced to keep our kids safe.

“Every child should be able to get to and from school safely, and as drivers, we all have a responsibility to make sure that happens.”

Further information can be found at www.tmr.qld.gov.au/safety/road-safety/speed-camera-signs-pilot-in-school-zones-and-roadworks.

Minister for Transport and Main Roads

The Honourable Mark Bailey



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