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Queensland brings written-off vehicles into line

Queensland brings written-off vehicles into line

Laws governing repair standards for written-off vehicles will be updated to reduce the number of unsafe vehicles on Queensland roads.

The changes, which come into effect in 2022, will bring Queensland into line with other states.

The Written-off Vehicle Scheme was developed as part of a national initiative to ensure written-off vehicles being re-registered for sale do not contain stolen parts.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said the changes would improve safety and increase consumer protection for Queenslanders buying second-hand vehicles.

“Preventing substandard repairs and rebirthed vehicles from being on our roads protects the safety of everyone,” Mr Bailey said.

“These reforms will help ensure any written-off vehicle that is eligible for re-registration is repaired to the appropriate standard before being allowed back on the road.”

 Mr Bailey said all light and heavy vehicles would be classified against nationally-agreed damage assessment criteria.

“These changes focus on improving processes and standards for written-off vehicle inspections for light and heavy vehicles and will bring us more into line with other states,” he said.

“Once classified, the quality of the vehicle repairs and identity requirements for written-off vehicles will be more stringent and comprehensive than the current system.

“Light vehicles, which are considered uneconomical to repair, will be categorised as statutory written-off vehicles and become ineligible for re-registration.

“Vehicles will then only be permitted to be repaired where they meet specific exemption criteria.

“We will also introduce a written-off vehicle register for heavy vehicles and implement inspection requirements, consistent with transport agencies around Australia.”

Minister for Transport and Main Roads
The Honourable Mark Bailey


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