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Stinger Nets Going in Next Week

Stinger Nets Going in Next Week

Stinger nets will be installed from Monday 2 November at eight Cairns Regional Council beaches, to help protect swimmers against potentially deadly jellyfish.

Stinger season traditionally starts in November across northern Australia, and lasts until May/June.

Stinger nets are at the following beaches:

  • Ellis Beach
  • Palm Cove
  • Clifton Beach
  • Kewarra Beach
  • Trinity Beach
  • Yorkeys Knob
  • Holloways Beach
  • Bramston Beach


The stinger resistant swimming enclosures give a high degree of protection against Box Jellyfish but are not 100 percent ‘stinger proof’.

Beaches may be closed when stingers are present. Closures remain in place until weather patterns change and drive stingers away from the coastline.

If you are at the beach, always heed lifesavers’ warnings and do not swim when beaches are closed.


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