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Why Are We Australians So Dense?

Why Are We Australians So Dense?

The owners of the COALition are uninterested in a federal ICAC, if they were, Australia would already have a federal ICAC.

The primacy of the Parliament is the problem, as we do not live in a Parliamentary democracy. Instead, we live in the thrall of a propaganda empire that delivers the illusion of a Parliamentary democracy. This is why there is virtually no hope of an Australian federal ICAC.

The key to solving this riddle is to stop focusing on Parliament and the federal coalition and focus instead on the very very few Australians and foreign corporations/individuals that hold the keys to Australia’s mass media. Or to put it bluntly, hit them where it hurts. Deny their circulation by not buying their newspapers, and stop clicking on their paywall articles. Secondly stop supporting their advertisers, and inform their advertisers that they are harming Australia’s democracy, and therefore you will no longer buy and products/services from them, and stop doing so…

This is really very simple, hit advertisers in the major media outlets where it hurts. Advertisers only understand one thing and this is revenue. Smashing revenue will lead to a federal ICAC much faster than petitions to Parliament.

We all know that this morrison government does not care one whit for Australia’s bottom 99%, let’s show them how much we care for them and their rorting of the Australian Treasury to boost their entitlements and benefits, while they have their boots on our throats…

An opinion from a contributor: Aldo Munch


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